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links a golf course.
linkup a meeting or contact, as of spacecraft. [2 definitions]
Linnaean of, using, or denoting Linnaeus' system of classifying plants and animals according to a double name, the first word naming the genus, and the second naming the species.
linnet a small finch of Europe and Asia.
linocut a design cut into linoleum and mounted on a wooden block, used for making prints. [2 definitions]
linoleum a durable floor covering made by pressing linseed oil, powdered cork, and rosin onto a canvas or burlap backing.
Linotype trademark for a typesetting machine that prints a full line with one bar.
linotype (l.c.) to set on a Linotype.
linsang any of various catlike carnivores, native to India and Africa, having a long tail and a spotted coat.
linseed the seed of the flax plant, esp. when used as a source of oil.
linseed oil a yellowish oil extracted from flaxseed, used in making oil paints, ink, linoleum, and the like.
linsey-woolsey a coarse fabric woven from linen and wool.
lint small, loose, clinging bits of fiber or fluff. [2 definitions]
lintel a supporting horizontal beam at the top of a doorway or window.
linter (pl.) the short fibers that remain on cotton seeds after the first cleaning. [2 definitions]
lintless combined form of lint.
liny resembling a line; long and thin. [2 definitions]
Linzer torte (sometimes l.c.) a pastry filled with raspberry jam and covered with a lattice crust that is made of finely ground almonds.
lion a large carnivorous member of the cat family, native to Africa and parts of Asia, that has a short tan coat and, in the male, a heavy mane. [3 definitions]
lioness a female lion.
lionfish any of various marine fishes that have fan-like fins and venomous dorsal spines.