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literate able to read and write. [6 definitions]
literati those who are accomplished in scholarly or literary fields; intelligentsia.
literatim letter for letter; literally.
literature writings such as dramas, poems, novels, essays, and stories, esp. those that have lasting artistic value. [3 definitions]
-lith stone; rock. [2 definitions]
litharge a yellow lead oxide used largely in the manufacture of storage batteries, paints, glass, and enamels.
lithe characterized by light, graceful, flexible movements. [2 definitions]
lithesome characterized by light, graceful, seemingly effortless movements; lithe; lissome.
lithia lithium oxide.
-lithic of or pertaining to a particular period of the Stone Age.
lithium an extremely reactive chemical element of the alkali metal group that has three protons in each nucleus, occurs naturally only in compounds such as salts, and can be isolated in pure form as a light soft solid. (symbol: Li) [2 definitions]
lithium carbonate a powdery salt used in making glass, ceramics, and dyes, and as a drug to treat manic-depressives.
lithium oxide a very alkaline powder used in making glass and ceramics; lithia.
litho a lithograph.
litho- stone.
lithograph a print made by the process of lithography. [2 definitions]
lithographer one who practices lithography.
lithography the art or process of printing using a smooth stone or metal plate treated so that only the areas meant to print will absorb and transfer ink.
lithology the scientific study of rocks, esp. the physical characteristics that can be studied with little or no magnification. [2 definitions]
lithosphere the earth's crust.
lithotomy surgery to remove mineral deposits from the bladder.