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load factor the amount or weight of the maximum load a vehicle, airplane, or vessel can carry. [2 definitions]
loading the burdens placed on a person or thing. [2 definitions]
loadstar variant of lodestar.
loadstone variant of lodestone.
loaf1 a usu. oblong or rectangular mass of bread or cake, shaped and baked in that form. [2 definitions]
loaf2 to spend time in a lazy, aimless manner; idle (sometimes fol. by "around"). [2 definitions]
loafer a person who is lazy or idle. [2 definitions]
loam a rich, easily crumbled soil made up of silt, sand, clay, and organic matter. [2 definitions]
loan that which is lent or borrowed. [5 definitions]
loanable combined form of loan.
loaner one who lends something. [2 definitions]
loan shark (informal) one who lends money at unreasonably high and sometimes illegal rates of interest, esp. one who is supported by gangsters; usurer.
loanshift a change or addition in the meaning of a word through the influence of a foreign word. [2 definitions]
loanword a word that one language has adopted from another and at least partly naturalized.
loath extremely reluctant; unwilling.
loathe to dislike extremely; hate; abhor.
loathing very strong dislike; hatred; abhorrence.
loathsome extremely unpleasant or disagreeable; disgusting; abhorrent.
loaves pl. of loaf1.
lob to hit or throw (a ball or the like) in a high, often slow arc. [2 definitions]
Lobamba one of the capital cities of Eswatini, along with Mbabane.