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loblolly pine a pine tree, common in the southern United States, bearing long needles in pairs or trios.
lobo the gray or timber wolf native to the western United States.
lobotomize to perform a lobotomy on. [2 definitions]
lobotomy surgery involving a cut into or across a lobe of the brain.
lobster any of several large edible marine crustaceans with four pairs of legs and a pair of large claws. [3 definitions]
lobster Newburg lobster cooked in a cream sauce and often flavored with sherry.
lobster pot a basketlike trap, usu. made of wooden slats, used to catch lobsters.
lobster tail the edible flesh of a lobster's tail.
lobster thermidor lobster cooked with mushrooms and cheese in a cream sauce, replaced in the shell, and browned in an oven.
lobule a small lobe. [2 definitions]
local of or relating to a particular limited area such as a neighborhood or town. [7 definitions]
Local Area Network a group of computers, such as workstations in a business, connected with each other by their own data communications network that allows sharing of devices and data within a limited area.
local color the distinctive sights, customs, manners, speech, and the like that are characteristic of a particular place or period, either as observed in reality or depicted in literature.
locale a place, esp. as the setting of some event; locality. [2 definitions]
localism a regional custom, curiosity, or manner of speech. [2 definitions]
locality a specific neighborhood, place, or region. [2 definitions]
localize to confine to a particular place. [2 definitions]
locally in a particular place.
local option the right to decide by vote whether something controversial, such as the sale of liquor, shall be allowed in a certain locality.
locate to find the position or place of. [4 definitions]
located existing in a particular place.