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loco a plant of western North America that is poisonous to livestock; locoweed. [3 definitions]
loco- from place to place.
loco citato (Latin) in the place cited (used to refer to a passage already mentioned). (abbr.: loc. cit.)
loco disease a nervous disease of livestock, caused by locoweed poisoning and involving dullness, clumsiness, and partial paralysis.
locomotion the act of moving or the power to move from one place to another.
locomotive a self-propelled engine, esp. one that pulls or pushes railroad cars. [4 definitions]
locomotor having to do with locomotion.
locomotor ataxia see tabes dorsalis.
locoweed any of several plants of western and central North America that are poisonous to livestock.
locus a locality or place. [3 definitions]
locus classicus a passage from a classic or authoritative source that is cited to illustrate a point.
locust any of several grasshoppers that migrate in large swarms, damaging crops and other plants in their paths. [5 definitions]
locution a particular word, phrase, expression, or idiom. [2 definitions]
lode a deposit of a mineral, such as copper ore, that fills a crack in a rock formation. [3 definitions]
loden a thick, fulled, waterproof woolen fabric, usu. olive green and used for coats.
lodestar a star that serves as a guide or reference point, esp. the North Star. [2 definitions]
lodestone a rock that possesses magnetic properties and attracts iron; magnetite. [2 definitions]
lodge a cabin, hut, or other shelter intended for use by skiers, hunters, or the like. [11 definitions]
lodgepole pine a Rocky Mountain pine tree, or the wood of this tree, used in construction.
lodger one who lodges, esp. one who rents a furnished room.
lodging a place to live in, esp. temporarily; dwelling. [2 definitions]