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loo (chiefly British; informal) a toilet, or a room with a toilet.
look to use the eyes to see. [12 definitions]
look after to take care of.
look a gift horse in the mouth to be critical of something received as a gift.
look-alike a person or thing that closely resembles another; double.
look at someone sideways to look at someone with an uncertain, esp. negative, intention.
look daggers at to look at with hostility or anger.
look down one's nose at to regard with disdain or contempt.
looker-on (informal) one who looks on or observes; spectator; onlooker.
look for to attempt to find; seek. [2 definitions]
look forward to to wait for eagerly.
look-in a quick glance. [2 definitions]
looking glass a mirror made of glass.
look like (informal) used to make a statement that may or may not be true based on what you can see or what you know at the present time; look as if.
look on to watch an activity as someone else performs it.
lookout the act of keeping watch, searching, or observing. [4 definitions]
look out to pay attention to avoid danger.
look over to inspect or examine, often briefly.
look-say method a method of teaching reading that uses memorization and recognition of entire words rather than associating letters with sounds.
look-see (informal) a brief, visual examination or investigation.
look up to search for and locate (information), as in a reference book.