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lorry a low, sideless wagon drawn by horses. [3 definitions]
lory any of several small, brightly colored parrots of Australia and the East Indies with a fringed, brushlike tip of the tongue for feeding on soft fruits and fruit juices.
Los Angeles a seaport in southern California.
lose to no longer possess; be unable to find; misplace. [10 definitions]
lose one's balance to become unstable or fall.
lose one's shirt (informal) to lose all that one owns.
loser a person or group that loses. [2 definitions]
lose track of to lose knowledge of or to no longer be able to find.
losing characterized by or experiencing loss or defeat. [4 definitions]
loss a defeat or failure to win. [6 definitions]
loss leader a popular commodity that a retail store sells at or below its wholesale cost in order to attract customers to buy other goods at regular prices.
lossless combined form of loss.
lost not able to be found or no longer possessed. [7 definitions]
lost and found an office or department in a public place where lost property is held until it is claimed or disposed of.
lost cause an undertaking or cause that has failed or is certain to fail.
lost in the shuffle disregarded, ignored, or misplaced in the general confusion.
lost property (chiefly British) personal items that have been lost by their owners in a public place and found by others. [2 definitions]
lost tribes the ten tribes of ancient Israel that were taken into captivity in Assyria and apparently never returned.
Lot according to the Old Testament, the nephew of Abraham who was allowed to flee from the destruction of Sodom, but whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back at the city.
lot a large amount or number. [7 definitions]
Lothario in the early eighteenth-century play The Fair Penitent by Nicholas Rowe, a young rake. [2 definitions]