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love game a game in which the losing team or player does not score any points.
love-hate characterized by simultaneous feelings of love and hatred.
loveless lacking love. [3 definitions]
love-lies-bleeding an ornamental plant of the buckwheat family that bears drooping spikes of small red or purplish flowers.
love life that part of a person's life involving love or sexual relationships.
lovelorn suffering because of the absence of an actual or desired lover.
lovely physically beautiful in an especially charming way. [3 definitions]
lovemaking sexual activity, esp. intercourse. [2 definitions]
love match a marriage for love only, rather than money, social status, or the like.
love potion a drink believed to arouse love or desire, usu. for a specific person; philter; aphrodisiac.
lover one who is in love with another. [4 definitions]
love seat a small upholstered sofa or double chair that seats two people.
love set a set in tennis in which the losing team or player wins no games.
lovesick suffering from love or obsessed with a loved person. [2 definitions]
loving feeling or showing love.
loving cup a large, usu. silver drinking cup with two or more handles by which it was passed from guest to guest at banquets or other festive gatherings, now often given as a sports trophy.
lovingkindness kindness arising out of or expressing sincere love or affection.
low1 close to the ground or bottom; not high. [14 definitions]
low2 to make the sound characteristic of a cow; moo. [2 definitions]
lowball a form of draw poker in which the player holding the lowest-scoring hand wins. [3 definitions]
low beam the dimmer setting for the headlights on a vehicle, providing short-range illumination.