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Ltd. abbreviation of "limited (company)," (chiefly British) a company owned by shareholders who have only limited liability for the company's debts.
Lu symbol of the chemical element lutetium.
Luanda the seaport capital of Angola.
luau an elaborate meal of Hawaiian dishes, often featuring performances of Hawaiian music and dancing.
lubber a clumsy, unskilled, or inexperienced sailor or seaman; landlubber. [2 definitions]
lube (informal) a lubricant. [2 definitions]
lubricant any material, such as oil, graphite, or grease, that is used to coat closely fitting moving parts and thereby lower friction. [2 definitions]
lubricate to coat or supply with a lubricant. [2 definitions]
lubricious slippery, oily, or smooth. [3 definitions]
lubricity smoothness or slipperiness, esp. the effectiveness of a lubricant as determined by this quality. [3 definitions]
lucent giving off light; shining; luminous. [2 definitions]
lucerne alfalfa.
lucid easy to understand; articulate; clear. [3 definitions]
Lucifer in Christian theology, the rebellious archangel who was cast out of heaven by God; Satan.
luciferase an enzyme that produces bioluminescence in fireflies and certain marine animals such as jellyfish.
Lucite trademark for a clear plastic used esp. as a glass substitute.
luck the supposed force behind the apparently causeless or random occurrence of an event or events; fortune; chance. [2 definitions]
luckily by fortunate chance.
luckless without good luck; attended by bad fortune.
luck out (informal) to experience an instance of extremely good luck.
lucky resulting from or having good fortune. [2 definitions]