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madder1 any of a number of perennial plants that bear yellow flowers and have a root that yields a red dye. [2 definitions]
madder2 comparative of mad.
maddest superlative of mad.
made past tense and past participle of make. [3 definitions]
made for suited for in all ways.
Madeira a group of Portuguese islands off the northwest African coast. [3 definitions]
madeleine a rich cakelike pastry baked in a small mold.
mademoiselle an unmarried woman, addressed courteously. (abbr.: Mlle.) [2 definitions]
made-to-order made specially for a particular person; custom-made. [2 definitions]
made-up fictitious; invented. [3 definitions]
madhouse a hospital for the insane. [2 definitions]
Madison the capital of Wisconsin.
madly with a lack of reason or sense; wildly. [3 definitions]
madman one who is or acts as if he is without reason or sense; lunatic or maniac.
mad money (informal) a bit of money set aside for emergency use or for nonessential or frivolous purchases.
madness a state of insanity. [3 definitions]
Madonna the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, or a statue or painting representing her (usu. prec. by the).
madras a fine-textured cotton material, usu. with brightly colored checks or plaid.
madre (Spanish) mother.
madrepore a kind of stony coral that forms reefs in tropical seas.
Madrid the capital of Spain.