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majolica a kind of Italian pottery that is enameled and glazed with tin oxide, usu. highly colored and decorated.
major the military rank above captain and below lieutenant colonel. [6 definitions]
major-domo the chief steward or butler in a royal household.
majorette see drum majorette.
major general a U.S. military officer ranking below a lieutenant general and above a brigadier general.
majority the greater number or amount; a number or amount greater than half. [3 definitions]
major league either of the two highest-level leagues of professional baseball teams in the U.S. [2 definitions]
major-medical of, pertaining to, or being a type of health insurance providing coverage of most of the expenses of major illnesses or injuries.
major mode a piece of music, or part of one using the intervals of the major scale.
major order the rank of deacon, priest, or bishop, as in the Roman Catholic or Episcopal churches.
major scale in music, a scale of whole steps, with two half-steps that occur between the third and fourth and seventh and eighth steps.
major suit in bridge, hearts or spades. (Cf. minor suit.)
majuscule of written or printed letters, capital or large. (Cf. minuscule.) [3 definitions]
make to bring into being by constructing from separate parts. [18 definitions]
make a bed to arrange the sheets and other coverings over a bed so that it is fully covered and looking very or somewhat neat.
makeable combined form of make.
make a dent (informal) to make an impression; influence.
make a dent in to make progress, esp. by lessening a burden. [2 definitions]
make a difference to have an impact or effect; to be of importance.
make a face to adopt an annoyed, repulsed, or intentionally silly and comical expression on one's face.
make a fire to arrange wood, paper, or other materials in such a way that they will burn together and then use a lighter or other device to start the materials burning.