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make eyes at to look at with longing; flirt.
make for to move hurriedly toward a certain goal.
make friends to enter into a friendship or friendships (often fol. by "with").
make fun of to make (a person or thing) the object of ridicule.
make good to carry out successfully or as promised. [2 definitions]
make good time to travel at a very desirable pace.
make haste to act or move rapidly.
make hay while the sun shines to take advantage of an opportunity or get necessary work done while conditions are favorable.
make it to do well; succeed. [2 definitions]
make light of to treat as or consider trivial or unimportant.
make mincemeat of to defeat utterly; destroy.
make much of to treat as or consider important or valuable.
make no bones about to speak of in a direct and open manner; be frank about.
make no difference to not matter, or to not have any impact or cause any change.
make of to come to or have as an opinion or reaction.
make one's blood boil to provoke anger or resentment.
make one's blood curdle to frighten greatly; terrify. (See bloodcurdling.)
make one's blood run cold to make one terrified.
make one's day to cause one's experience of the current day to be perfect, happy, or complete (sometimes used sarcastically to give the opposite meaning).
make one's gorge rise to cause someone to be revolted or disgusted.
make one's hair stand on end to strike with terror or fear.