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malacology the branch of zoology concerned with mollusks.
maladaptive not helpful in adaptation to a situation or environment.
maladjusted poorly adjusted, esp. to one's environment.
maladjustment faulty or unsatisfactory adjustment. [2 definitions]
maladminister to handle or manage poorly, inefficiently, or corruptly.
maladroit not skillful; clumsy; tactless.
malady an illness of the body or mind. [2 definitions]
Malaga a sweet dessert wine made in Spain. [2 definitions]
Malagasy a native or citizen of Madagascar, or a descendant thereof. [2 definitions]
malagueña a Spanish folk dance or tune similar to the fandango.
malaise a state or condition of feeling generally unwell, mentally depressed, sluggish, or uneasy.
malamute an Alaskan breed of dog, chiefly raised for pulling sleds.
malapropism the humorous or ridiculous misuse of a word, esp. by using a word that sounds similar to the correct word, but whose meaning is inappropriate, as in "waddling in self-pity," rather than "wallowing".
malapropos not suited to the occasion; inappropriate. [2 definitions]
malaria an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes and marked by recurring attacks of chills, fever, and sweating.
malarkey (informal) exaggeration or foolishness; nonsense.
Malawi a country in southeastern Africa between Zambia and Mozambique.
Malay of or pertaining to the Malay Peninsula or its peoples, cultures, languages, or the like. [3 definitions]
Malaya the one of three federated territories included in Malaysia that occupies most of the Malay Peninsula.
Malay Archipelago a large group of islands that stretches from Southeast Asia to Australia and includes Indonesia, Borneo, and the Philippines.
Malayo-Polynesian see Austronesian.