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mamoncillo a fruit-bearing tree that grows primarily in Central America and the Caribbean and produces a small fruit with a rigid green skin and a sweet fleshy interior. The mamoncillo fruit is called by different names in different countries and is sometimes called a Spanish lime.
man a fully grown male human. [9 definitions]
mana in some cultures of the South Pacific, a supernatural power or force believed to be centered in certain persons, spirits, or objects.
man about town a man whose worldly social life and knowledge of fashionable places keep him in public notice.
manacle a metal fetter like a bracelet, usu. one of a pair linked by a chain, used to shackle the wrists; handcuff. [3 definitions]
manage to direct, control, or administer. [6 definitions]
manageable capable of being handled, controlled, or managed.
managed currency currency so regulated by a governmental agency or bank that the amount of money in supply and its buying power are controlled.
management the act or process of controlling, directing, or governing. [3 definitions]
manager one who directs, controls, or administers a business or other enterprise. [3 definitions]
managerial of or relating to management or a manager.
managing editor an executive who supervises the editorial staff of a publication, book publishing company, or the like.
Managua the capital of Nicaragua.
Manama the capital of Bahrain.
maņana (Spanish) tomorrow, or some unspecified time in the future. [2 definitions]
Manasseh according to the Old Testament, the elder son of Joseph. [2 definitions]
man-at-arms a soldier, esp. a heavily armed horseman of the medieval period.
manatee any of several docile plant-eating animals that resemble the seal and are found in shallow tropical waters of the Atlantic; sea cow.
-mancy divination.
mandala any of various graphic symbols of the universe that are usu. circular with enclosed complex geometric designs, used esp. as an aid to meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism.
mandamus a formal order from a higher court to a public official or lower court to carry out a specified action.