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mangel-wurzel a kind of large beet, grown esp. in Europe for feeding cattle.
manger a trough from which livestock feed.
mangle1 to damage severely or mutilate by cutting, crushing, or tearing apart. [2 definitions]
mangle2 a machine that presses cloth between heated rollers, used chiefly in commercial laundries for ironing linens. [2 definitions]
mango an elongated, smooth-skinned, yellow-orange edible fruit, or the tropical evergreen tree from which it comes.
mangosteen a small, tropical fruit with a thick reddish-purple rind and sweet, juicy, white segments. [2 definitions]
mangrove any of various related tropical evergreens that grow in masses along tidal shores, with roots that grow above ground in a densely interlaced thicket.
mangy having mange. [2 definitions]
manhandle to handle or treat roughly. [2 definitions]
Manhattan an island and borough in New York City. [2 definitions]
manhole a usu. covered opening large enough for a person, providing access to a sewer, boiler, or the like.
manhood the state of being a male adult. [3 definitions]
manhood suffrage within a nation, the right of all adult men to vote regardless of their status. In the United States in the nineteenth century, the movement within individual states toward manhood suffrage sought to guarantee that poor and propertyless white men would not be denied the vote. This movement succeeded in its particular aims but did nothing to ensure the right to vote for non-whites. Although the Fifteenth Amendment was passed after the Civil War to prevent states from denying the right to vote to anyone based on race, manhood suffrage continued to be denied to non-white adult males in many states.
man-hour a unit of industrial time or production equal to the amount of work one person can or does produce in one hour.
manhunt an organized, intensive search, usu. for a fugitive or fugitives from the law.
-mania a mental or behavioral disorder characterized by obsession, compulsion, or the like. [2 definitions]
mania an extreme desire or enthusiasm. [2 definitions]
maniac (outdated; no longer in scientific use) one who suffers from mania, or from insanity generally. [4 definitions]
maniacal marked by wildness, craziness, and violence.
manic of, related to, or affected by mania, esp. the excitable state in manic-depressive disorders.
manic-depressive denoting or suffering from a psychological disorder characterized by periodic alternation between high excitement and severe depression. [2 definitions]