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manic-depressive denoting or suffering from a psychological disorder characterized by periodic alternation between high excitement and severe depression. [2 definitions]
Manichaean an adherent of Manichaeism. [2 definitions]
Manichaeism a dualistic religious system originating in the third century A.D., which attempts to unite elements from Gnostic Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and other sources, and which is considered by the Roman Catholic Church to be heretical.
manicotti a dish of Italian origin that uses pasta usu. stuffed with a cheese mixture, topped with a tomato sauce, and baked.
manicure grooming of the fingernails, including shaping and polishing, esp. as provided by a professional beautician. [3 definitions]
manicurist one who gives manicures, esp as a profession.
manifest clear and unmistakable to the eye or mind; plain; obvious. [5 definitions]
manifestation a display, demonstration, or indication of something. [4 definitions]
Manifest Destiny the nineteenth century belief that justified American imperialistic expansion by asserting that it was the destiny and duty of the United States to expand its territory throughout North America.
manifesto a public statement of principles and intentions, usu. by an organized political group or person.
manifold abundant and varied. [6 definitions]
manikin a little man or person; dwarf. [2 definitions]
Manila the seaport capital of the Philippines. [3 definitions]
Manila hemp a durable fiber of the Philippine plant abaca used for making ropes, paper, clothing, and the like.
Manila paper a sturdy brownish paper, used for envelopes or wrapping, originally made from Manila hemp.
man in the street a common, ordinary man; average citizen (usu. understood to include women).
manioc see "cassava."
manipulable able to be manipulated.
manipulate to handle or operate skillfully with the hands. [3 definitions]
manipulation the act of manipulating or the state of being manipulated. [2 definitions]
Manitoba a Canadian province between Ontario and Saskatchewan.