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mannikin variant of manikin.
mannish like, suitable to, or resembling a man.
manoeuvre a spelling of maneuver used in Canada and Britain. See maneuver for more information.
man of God a priest, minister, or rabbi; clergyman. [2 definitions]
man of letters a man whose occupation or avocation is in literature, esp. as a writer, critic, scholar, or translator.
man of the world a man of experience and sophistication.
man-of-war a warship. [2 definitions]
manometer an instrument for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases.
manor a landed estate and its main residence; mansion.
man-o'-war bird see frigate bird.
manpower the physical power that can be supplied by human strength. [2 definitions]
manqué (French) falling short of one's goal; unfulfilled; frustrated.
mansard a roof having four nearly vertical slopes topped by a nearly flat slope.
manservant a male servant; valet.
mansion a large, imposing residence. [2 definitions]
man-sized (informal) large.
manslaughter unlawful but unpremeditated killing of a human being. (Cf. murder.)
manta any of various large rays common to tropical seas. [2 definitions]
mantel a frame, usu. decorative, around the sides and top of a fireplace. [2 definitions]
mantelet a short sleeveless cloak or cape.
mantelletta a sleeveless vestment worn by Roman Catholic cardinals, bishops, and the like.