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mankind the human race; humanity. [2 definitions]
manless combined form of man.
manlike like a male human being.
manly possessing qualities that are considered to be desirable in or befitting a man; masculine.
man-made made or formed by human beings; not natural.
manna the food miraculously dropped to the Israelites during their exodus from Egypt, according to the account in the Old Testament. [3 definitions]
mannequin a model of the human torso or body used to fit or display clothing; dummy. [2 definitions]
manner way of doing; style. [5 definitions]
mannered having manners of a specified kind. [2 definitions]
mannerism a distinctive and habitual behavioral characteristic. [2 definitions]
mannerless lacking courtesy or politeness; without good manners.
mannerly displaying polite behavior or manners. [2 definitions]
manners polite behavior.
mannikin variant of manikin.
mannish like, suitable to, or resembling a man.
manoeuvre a spelling of maneuver used in Canada and Britain. See maneuver for more information.
man of God a priest, minister, or rabbi; clergyman. [2 definitions]
man of letters a man whose occupation or avocation is in literature, esp. as a writer, critic, scholar, or translator.
man of the world a man of experience and sophistication.
man-of-war a warship. [2 definitions]
manometer an instrument for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases.