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margrave the military governor of a medieval German border province.
margravine a margrave's wife or widow.
marguerite a plant that is cultivated for its daisylike, yellow-centered, pink, yellow, and white flowers.
maria pl. of mare2.
mariachi a street band in Mexico, its members often playing dance music and wearing traditional costumes. [3 definitions]
Maria Montessori Italian-born U.S. psychiatrist and educator who founded an educational method for young children that emphasizes self-directed, independent learning and nurture of the whole personality (b.1870--d.1952).
mariculture the cultivation, in salt water, of marine organisms.
Marie Curie a Polish-born chemist and physicist in France (b.1867--d.1934).
marigold any of various garden plants that bear showy yellow, orange, or red and yellow blossoms. [2 definitions]
marijuana the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, often smoked for its euphoric effect.
marimba a large musical instrument similar to a xylophone, consisting of a series of graduated hardwood bars, usu. with resonators beneath them, that are struck with small mallets.
marina a harbor that has docks, services, and supplies for yachts and other pleasure boats.
marinade a flavored sauce in which meat, fish, or vegetables are soaked before being cooked. [2 definitions]
marinara a highly seasoned tomato sauce made with garlic and spices. [2 definitions]
marinate to soak in a seasoned sauce; marinade.
marine of or concerning the sea; living in or caused by the sea. [7 definitions]
Marine Corps a branch of the U.S. armed forces under the authority of the Department of the Navy, trained for land, sea, and aerial combat and specializing in amphibious landing operations.
marine life plants and animals that live in the sea.
mariner a person who oversees or assists in the navigation of a marine vessel; sailor. [2 definitions]
marines a military group that fights both on land and at sea. In the United States, the marines are part of the navy.
marine science the study of oceans, coastal seas, and estuaries from any of a number of perspectives, including biology, physics, chemistry, and geology.