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marrowfat a variety of pea having large, plump seeds.
marry to take in marriage as one's life partner; wed. [5 definitions]
Mars in Roman mythology, the god of war; Ares. [2 definitions]
Marsala a dark and often very sweet wine.
Marseillaise (French) the national anthem of France.
marseille (sometimes cap.) a thick, strong cotton fabric with figures or stripes in a raised weave, often used for bedspreads.
marsh a wet, low-lying area, often thick with tall grasses; bog.
marshal in the United States, a Federal officer whose duties are like those of a sheriff. [8 definitions]
marsh gas a gas, mostly methane, that is produced by the decomposition of organic matter.
marsh hawk see northern harrier.
marshland an area largely consisting of marshes or swamps.
marshmallow a spongy confection made of corn syrup, sugar, egg whites, and gelatin. [2 definitions]
marsh mallow a pink-flowered European mallow common to marshes and now growing in eastern North America, the root of which was once an ingredient in the confection known as marshmallow.
marsh marigold a plant bearing bright yellow flowers that grows in marshes and lowland meadows; cowslip.
marshy of, resembling, or containing a marsh or marshes.
marsupial having, concerning, or being similar to an animal's external pouch or fold of skin in which young are carried in their early stage of development. [3 definitions]
marsupium an external abdominal pouch or fold of skin bearing mammary glands in which a female marsupial keeps her young.
mart a center for trade; market.
marten any of several carnivorous weasel-like mammals of northern forests that hunt mostly in trees and have dark glossy fur. [2 definitions]
martensite a hard brittle solid solution of iron and a small portion of carbon which is the main constituent of various carbon steels and is produced by chilling heated steel.
martial of, pertaining to, suggestive of, or inclined to war or combat. [2 definitions]