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Maya a member of a highly developed ancient civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula that was destroyed by Europeans in the sixteenth century. [3 definitions]
maya in Hinduism, illusion, esp. the illusory world of the senses. [2 definitions]
Mayan of, designating, or pertaining to the Maya, their languages, or their culture. [3 definitions]
May apple a perennial woodland plant of eastern North America producing a single white flower, a roundish edible fruit, and roots, leaves, and seeds that are poisonous. [2 definitions]
maybe it may be that; possibly; perhaps.
Mayday the international radiotelephone distress signal, used by ships and aircraft in need of help.
May Day the first day of May, celebrated traditionally by a dance around a Maypole and the crowning of a May queen, and recently established in some countries as a holiday in honor of international labor.
mayflower any of various flowers that bloom in May, esp. arbutus, anemone, hawthorn, or cowslip. [2 definitions]
mayfly any of various fragile, winged insects that have a long aquatic larval stage, but that live in the adult stage for only a few hours. [2 definitions]
mayhem in law, the crime of intentionally maiming or mutilating another person. [2 definitions]
Maying the celebration of May Day by dancing, gathering flowers, or crowning a May queen.
mayn't contracted form of "may not."
mayo (informal) mayonnaise.
mayonnaise a thick dressing of oil, vinegar or lemon juice, seasonings, and egg yolks, used in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.
mayor the chief official of a village, town, or city.
mayoralty the position or term of office of a mayor.
Maypole a high pole wreathed with flowers and ribbons around which merrymakers dance to celebrate May Day or another of the holidays of spring or summer.
May queen a girl or young woman chosen as queen of the celebrants and crowned with flowers on May Day.
Maytime the month of May.
maze a complicated and usu. intentionally confusing network of pathways between high walls or dense hedges; labyrinth. [4 definitions]
mazel tov a Jewish expression of congratulation.