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mayoralty the position or term of office of a mayor.
Maypole a high pole wreathed with flowers and ribbons around which merrymakers dance to celebrate May Day or another of the holidays of spring or summer.
May queen a girl or young woman chosen as queen of the celebrants and crowned with flowers on May Day.
Maytime the month of May.
maze a complicated and usu. intentionally confusing network of pathways between high walls or dense hedges; labyrinth. [4 definitions]
mazel tov a Jewish expression of congratulation.
mazurka an energetic Polish dance similar to the polka, the music for which is written in triple meter with a strong accent on the second beat.
mazzard a wild sweet cherry, the seedlings of which are used as rootstock in the propagation of cultivated varieties.
mb abbreviation of "megabyte," or "megabytes," a unit of electronic memory capacity equal to 1,048,576 bytes, or approximately one million bytes.
M.B.A. abbreviation of "Master of Business Administration."
Mbabane the capital of Swaziland.
MC abbreviation of "master of ceremonies," one who hosts a formal event or entertainment, usu. making speeches or announcing guests; emcee.
mc abbreviation of "megacycle," or "megacycles," a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second or one million hertz; megahertz.
McCarthyism the practices of making sensational and often unfounded charges, of alleging guilt by association, and of conducting inquisitorial proceedings, esp. as in the anticommunist crusade of Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s.
McIntosh a variety of sweet red eating apple that is widely cultivated in North America.
Md symbol of the chemical element mendelevium.
MD abbreviation of "Maryland," an east central U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between Delaware and Virginia.
M.D. abbreviation of "medicinae doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Medicine.
MDT abbreviation of "Mountain Daylight Time."
ME abbreviation of "Maine," a U.S. state in the northeastern corner of the country.
me the objective case of I.