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mean2 ill-tempered or showing malice or lack of kindness. [5 definitions]
mean3 something halfway between two extremes. [4 definitions]
mean business to intend definite and serious action.
meander to wind in broad curves, as a river. [3 definitions]
mean deviation a measure of variability, esp. in a statistical distribution, that is equal to the average of the absolute values of a set of deviations from the arithmetic mean or some other specified value.
mean distance the arithmetic average of the greatest and least distances of a planet from the sun, used to describe the size of the planet's orbit.
meanie (informal) a mean or selfish person (often used ironically).
meaning definition or signification; sense. [5 definitions]
meaningful full of meaning or significance.
meaningless empty of meaning or value; purposeless.
meanly in a lowly or humble manner. [2 definitions]
meanness the state or characteristic of being vicious or inhumane. [2 definitions]
means (used with a sing. verb) a method, way, or agency used to reach a goal or accomplish something. [2 definitions]
means test an inquiry into a person's financial status and economic resources, esp. to determine eligibility for unemployment compensation, welfare payments, low-cost housing, or the like.
meant past tense and past participle of mean1.
meantime the specified interval of time. [2 definitions]
meanwhile at the same time; during or in the same interval of time.
measles (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a very contagious but short-lived disease, usu. affecting children, that is caused by a virus and accompanied by fever and an eruption of red spots on the skin. [2 definitions]
measly (informal) ridiculously inadequate or unsatisfactory; paltry. [2 definitions]
measurable capable of being measured; quantifiable. [2 definitions]
measure calculation of exact dimensions within time or space, such as length, quantity, duration, weight, or capacity. [14 definitions]