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meet1 to come into contact with; encounter. [13 definitions]
meet2 proper; suitable.
meet halfway to compromise with.
meeting an encounter. [3 definitions]
meetinghouse a building, assembly hall, or house used for public meetings or worship, esp. by Quakers.
mega- large; great. [2 definitions]
megabuck (informal) one million dollars. [2 definitions]
megabyte a unit of electronic memory capacity equal to 1,048,576 bytes, or approximately one million bytes.
megacycle see megahertz.
megadeath a million dead people, as in a nuclear explosion.
megafauna all the large land animals living in a particular area or at a particular time.
megahertz a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second or one million hertz. (abbr.: MHz)
megalith a huge stone, esp. one used in prehistoric times as a monument.
megalo- huge; gigantic; too large.
megalomania a mental disorder characterized by delusions of power, wealth, or importance. [2 definitions]
megalopolis an extremely large city or a large, densely populated region surrounding and including such a city.
megalosaur any of a genus of huge carnivorous dinosaurs.
megaparsec a unit of astronomical distance equal to one million parsecs.
megaphone a hand-held, funnel-shaped device used to amplify and direct the sound of a voice.
megapixel a unit equal to one million pixels that is used to measure the resolution of a digital image.
megaton a unit of power used in measuring the force of nuclear weapons, equal to the explosive force of a million tons of TNT.