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Melba toast a very thinly sliced and crisply toasted piece of bread.
meld1 to declare and show (one's hand) in certain card games, such as pinochle. [2 definitions]
meld2 to blend or merge.
melee a chaotic hand-to-hand fight among several combatants; free-for-all. [2 definitions]
meliorate to make or become better; improve; ameliorate.
melioration improvement; amelioration. [2 definitions]
melisma a succession of different notes sung to one syllable in plainsong and in certain Asian and Near Eastern music.
mellifluous flowing and sweet, as though with honey.
mellow of fruit, ripely soft, juicy, and flavorful. [6 definitions]
mellow out (informal) to be at ease.
melodeon a small keyboard organ similar to the harmonium in which a bellows, operated by pedals, causes air to be drawn through metal reeds.
melodic of, pertaining to, or characterized by melody; melodious.
melodious of, characterized by, or containing a pleasing melody. [2 definitions]
melodist one who sings or composes melodies.
melodrama a drama, or type of drama, characterized by exaggeration in the writing, production, and acting, and including much suspense and sentimentality. [2 definitions]
melodramatic of, like, or suitable to melodrama; overdone; exaggerated.
melodramatics melodramatic behavior.
melody musical sounds in a pleasant order and arrangement. [3 definitions]
melon a fruit of any of various vines, which has a hard, often smooth rind and thick, juicy flesh ranging from pale green or yellow to orange or deep reddish pink.
melt to change from a solid to a liquid state through heat or pressure. [8 definitions]
meltable combined form of melt.