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miasma a thick, obscuring vapor. [3 definitions]
mica any of a group of silicated minerals occurring as crystalline structures that separate into thin, often transparent, chips or sheets, used as electrical insulation and as a substitute for glass at high temperatures; isinglas.
Micah according to the Old Testament, a minor prophet of Israel of the ninth century. [2 definitions]
mice pl. of mouse.
Michaelmas September 29, a festival celebrated in honor of the archangel Michael.
Michelangelo an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet; Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564).
Michigan a north central U.S. state bordered by four of the Great Lakes. (abbr.: MI) [2 definitions]
mick (offensive slang) an Irish person.
Mickey Mouse1 animated mouse character created in 1928 by U.S. cartoonist, Walt Disney. [3 definitions]
Mickey Mouse2 an animated animal character created in the 1920s and known worldwide.
Micmac a member of an American Indian people of Canada's Maritime Provinces. [2 definitions]
micra a plural form of micron.
micro- very small; minute. [3 definitions]
microbe any microscopic life form, esp. considered as a cause of infection or disease.
microbiology the branch of biology dealing with viruses and one-celled organisms such as bacteria and protozoans.
microbus a small buslike van or station wagon.
microcephalic having an abnormally small skull and braincase.
microcephaly the condition of having an abnormally small skull and braincase.
microchemistry chemistry dealing with very small or microscopic quantities or objects.
microchip a tiny, usu. silicon, plate of semiconducting material, holding a complicated, electronic, integrated circuit, as in computers.
microcircuit a miniature electronic circuit, usu. integrated with insulating material as on a silicon chip.