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microphotograph a very small photograph that must be enlarged to be seen in detail. [3 definitions]
microprint the printed or positive reproduction of a microphotograph to be viewed or read by means of a magnifying device, such as a projector.
microprocessor the integrated circuit of a microcomputer, usu. contained on a single silicon chip.
micropublishing the publication of items, such as documents or newspapers, that have been photographically reduced.
microscope an instrument using a lens or lenses to magnify extremely small objects, esp. those not visible to the unaided eye.
microscopic too small to be seen with the unaided eye. [3 definitions]
microscopy the development of tools and techniques for microscopic investigation. [2 definitions]
microsecond one millionth of a second.
microsurgery surgery performed under magnification with precision instruments, as in the repair of severed nerves or blood vessels.
microwave any extremely high-frequency electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is between one millimeter and one meter. [2 definitions]
microwaveable combined form of microwave.
microwave oven an oven that cooks or heats food or beverages quickly using high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
micturate to give off urine from the body; urinate.
mid1 in the middle of (a time period or place).
mid2 amid or among.
mid- middle.
midair any location between very high and low in the air but well off the ground.
Midas in Greek mythology, the king to whom Dionysus gave the power of turning everything he touched into gold. [2 definitions]
midbrain the middle of three brain parts in a vertebrate embryo and the part of the adult brain into which this develops; mesencephalon.
midday the middle part of the day or the time anywhere near or around it. [2 definitions]
midden a refuse heap; dunghill. [2 definitions]