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middle-of-the-road not extreme; cautiously moderate.
middle school a school that includes grades five through eight or grades six through eight.
middleweight a boxer or wrestler heavier than welterweight and lighter than light-heavyweight, esp. a boxer between 147 and 160 pounds.
Middle West see Midwest.
middling only moderately good; fair. [4 definitions]
middy (informal) a student at the U.S. Naval Academy; midshipman. [2 definitions]
Mideast see Middle East.
midfield the area of a playing field in sports such as football or soccer about halfway between the goals. [2 definitions]
midge any of various extremely small biting flies that resemble the gnat. [2 definitions]
midget (sometimes considered offensive) a much smaller than average person whose body is typically proportioned. [5 definitions]
midiron a golf club with an iron head used for relatively long fairway shots; number two iron.
midland the interior or inland part of a region or country. [2 definitions]
midlife the middle years of one's life; middle age.
midmost exactly in the middle or nearest the middle; middlemost.
midnight twelve o'clock at night. [3 definitions]
midnight sun the sun as it is seen at midnight during summer in the arctic and antarctic regions.
midpoint in geometry, the point that divides a line or arc into two equal lengths. [2 definitions]
midrash an interpretation of a Biblical text as was written by early Jewish scholars to explain Hebrew scriptures. [2 definitions]
midrib the central vein of a leaf.
midriff the front part of the human body between the chest and waist.
midsection the middle part or section of something, esp. the human torso.