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middling only moderately good; fair. [4 definitions]
middy (informal) a student at the U.S. Naval Academy; midshipman. [2 definitions]
Mideast see Middle East.
midfield the area of a playing field in sports such as football or soccer about halfway between the goals. [2 definitions]
midge any of various extremely small biting flies that resemble the gnat. [2 definitions]
midget (sometimes considered offensive) a much smaller than average person whose body is typically proportioned. [5 definitions]
midiron a golf club with an iron head used for relatively long fairway shots; number two iron.
midland the interior or inland part of a region or country. [2 definitions]
midlife the middle years of one's life; middle age.
midmost exactly in the middle or nearest the middle; middlemost.
midnight twelve o'clock at night. [3 definitions]
midnight sun the sun as it is seen at midnight during summer in the arctic and antarctic regions.
midpoint in geometry, the point that divides a line or arc into two equal lengths. [2 definitions]
midrash an interpretation of a Biblical text as was written by early Jewish scholars to explain Hebrew scriptures. [2 definitions]
midrib the central vein of a leaf.
midriff the front part of the human body between the chest and waist.
midsection the middle part or section of something, esp. the human torso.
midship in or pertaining to the middle of a ship.
midshipman a student or recent graduate of naval officer training. (See cadet.)
midships in or towards the middle of a ship or an aircraft; amidships. [2 definitions]
mid-size a size comparable to medium; neither large nor small, as a car or certain furnishings.