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midway halfway between two points. [2 definitions]
midweek the middle part of the week. [2 definitions]
Midwest the north central flatlands of the United States from the Rocky Mountains through Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri; Middle West.
Midwestern characteristic of, pertaining to, or in the Middle West region of the United States.
midwife a person who is trained to assist women during childbirth.
midwifery the practice or technique of being a midwife.
midwinter the middle part of winter. [2 definitions]
midyear the middle part of a fiscal, academic, or calendar year. [3 definitions]
mien one's manner or bearing.
miff a state of sulky bad humor; pique. [3 definitions]
miffed annoyed; offended.
miffy (informal) easily annoyed or offended; irritable.
MIG any of several Soviet-made fighter planes named for the designers, Mikoyan and Gurevich.
might1 used to express the possibility of something happening or being true. [5 definitions]
might2 effective force or power; ability. [2 definitions]
mightily with strength, power, or energy. [2 definitions]
might've contracted form of "might have."
mighty having or displaying great power, strength, or ability. [4 definitions]
mignon small and pretty; delicate or dainty.
mignonette a common garden plant bearing spikes of fragrant pale green flowers.
migraine an extremely painful, usu. recurring headache that is characteristically accompanied by vision disturbances and nausea.