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mikron variant of micron.
mil1 a unit of length equal to one thousandth of an inch or .0254 millimeter, used to measure the diameter of wire or the like. [2 definitions]
mil2 the smallest monetary unit of Cyprus. (Cf. pound.)
mil.1 abbreviation of "military."
mil.2 abbreviation of "million."
milady used as a title for an English noblewoman or lady. [2 definitions]
milage variant of mileage.
milch producing milk; used for milking.
mild characterized by gentleness or temperateness. [3 definitions]
mildew any of several fungi that grow on plants and, under moist conditions, on other organic materials such as paper. [3 definitions]
mile a unit of length equal to 5,280 feet or 1.609 kilometers; statute mile. (abbr.: mi.) [3 definitions]
mileage distance in terms of miles. [4 definitions]
milepost a signpost that indicates the distance in miles to a specified place, or any of a series of posts set at one-mile intervals, as along a highway.
miler one who competes in races one mile in length, esp. a trained runner.
milestone a stone that indicates the distance in miles to a specified place. [2 definitions]
miliaria a disease characterized by inflammation of the skin, esp. near the sweat glands, causing eruptions and blisters and usu. resulting from overexposure to heat; prickly heat.
milieu surroundings or situation; environment.
militant aggressive or combative in attitude or actions, esp. in defense of a cause. [4 definitions]
militarism a policy that emphasizes military strength and preparedness. [3 definitions]
militarist a person who adheres to militarism.
militarize to make ready for military conflict. [2 definitions]