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militia a military body of trained civilians, usu. active only in emergencies.
militiaman a member of a militia.
milk a white liquid produced by female mammals as food for their offspring. [7 definitions]
milk-and-water lacking conviction; weak or insipid.
milker a person or machine that extracts milk from an animal. [2 definitions]
milkfed of an animal, fed on milk or milk products in order to obtain tender meat.
milkfish a large, whitish, edible fish found in the Indian and Pacific oceans.
milk glass white, opaque, or translucent glass.
milk leg a painful swelling in a woman's leg occurring after childbirth, caused by clotting or inflammation of the veins.
milkmaid a girl or woman who milks cows or works on a dairy farm.
milkman a man who sells milk or delivers it to people's homes.
milk of magnesia a milky mixture of magnesium hydroxide and water, used primarily as a laxative or antacid.
milk run a routine or riskless trip or undertaking.
milk shake a frothy cold drink made of milk, flavoring, and usu. ice cream blended together.
milkshed the dairy farm areas that supply a city with milk.
milk snake a nonpoisonous king snake found in northeastern North America.
milksop a boy or man who is timid or lacks courage; weakling.
milk sugar the sugar that is found in milk; lactose.
milk tooth any of the temporary first teeth, found in young mammals, that are eventually replaced by permanent teeth.
milkweed one of several plants that secrete a milky substance.
milkwort any of various plants or shrubs that bear bright, variously colored flowers, once thought to enhance the production of milk in nursing mothers.