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millivolt a unit of electromotive force equal to one thousandth of a volt.
millpond a pond from which water is channeled to drive a mill.
millrace a channel in which flows the water that turns a mill. [2 definitions]
millrun a test for quality of a mineral ore done by a milling process. [3 definitions]
mill-run ordinary or unrefined; run-of-the-mill.
millstone either of a pair of circular stones that grind something, esp. grain, in a mill. [2 definitions]
millstream the swift flow of water in a millrace. [2 definitions]
mill wheel a wheel, usu. a water wheel, that produces the power used by a mill's machinery.
millwork ready-made objects, usu. woodwork, produced in a mill, such as doors, windows, and moldings. [2 definitions]
millwright a person who designs, builds, or repairs mills or the machinery in them. [2 definitions]
milo a kind of grain sorghum that resembles millet.
milord a title for an English nobleman or gentleman.
milquetoast a meek, easily intimidated man.
milt the sperm and spermatic fluid of a male fish. [2 definitions]
mime the art or practice of telling a story or acting out a dramatic or comical scene by means of hand and body movements rather than speaking; pantomime. [6 definitions]
mimeograph a machine that produces copies of handwritten or typed material by means of a stencil mounted on a rotating inked drum. [3 definitions]
mimesis the imitation or reproduction of nature, esp. as an artistic device. [2 definitions]
mimetic relating to, showing, or characterized by mimicry, often as a protective biological mechanism.
mimic to copy or imitate, often playfully or as part of a learning process. [8 definitions]
mimic octopus a type of brown octopus that lives along the shallow muddy bottoms of river mouths off the coast of Southeast Asia that has the capability of mimicking toxic species, such as sole, lionfish, and seasnake.
mimicry an act, instance, or the art of imitating or copying the speech, behavior, or expressions of others. [2 definitions]