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minaret a tall, thin tower on a mosque with a balcony from which Muslims are called to prayer.
minatory presenting a threat; menacing.
mince to cut into very small, fine pieces. [7 definitions]
mincemeat a mixture of chopped apples, raisins, currants, orange peel, and the like, that is combined with suet and sometimes meat, and used as a filling for pies. [2 definitions]
mince pie a pie with a mincemeat filling.
mincing dainty or elegant in an affected way.
mind the reasoning faculty, which thinks, judges, understands, and directs. [13 definitions]
mind-boggling (informal) incapable of being comprehended; perplexing.
minded having a certain intention or a certain kind of mind (used in combination).
mind-expanding capable of altering mental perceptions; psychedelic.
mindful careful; attentive (usu. fol. by "of").
mindless lacking intelligence, reason, or sense. [2 definitions]
mind one's p's and q's to be careful in one's behavior, esp. not to give offense.
mind reader one who professes or is said to have the ability to know what another is thinking without any conventional means of communication.
mind's eye the imagination or memory.
mine1 the possessive form of I; that which belongs to me.
mine2 a deep hole or system of holes made in the earth, from which mineral substances such as gold, coal, or precious stones are extracted. [9 definitions]
mine detector a device used for finding hidden explosive mines.
minefield an expanse of land or water in which mines that explode on contact have been laid.
minelayer a naval vessel designed to lay explosive underwater mines.
miner a person employed to extract coal or other minerals from a mine.