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mis-2 variant of miso-.
misadventure an instance of misfortune or bad luck; accident or mishap.
misadvise to give incorrect advice to.
misalliance an unsuitable or poorly advised association or alliance, esp. a marriage.
misally to ally wrongly or unsuitably.
misandry hatred of men.
misanthrope someone who hates or distrusts humanity.
misanthropy distrust or hatred of human beings.
misapply to use or apply incorrectly, wastefully, or for the wrong purpose. [2 definitions]
misapprehend to fail to understand correctly; misunderstand.
misapprehension a failure to understand.
misappropriate to take or use (money or other resources) dishonestly or illegally; use for a purpose other than what was intended.
misbecome to be inappropriate or unfit for, or unbecoming to.
misbegotten unlawfully or abnormally conceived; illegitimate. [2 definitions]
misbehave to act or behave improperly or badly. [2 definitions]
misbehavior improper or offensive acts or conduct; bad behavior.
misbelief a wrong or mistaken belief. [2 definitions]
misc. abbreviation of "miscellaneous" or "miscellany."
miscalculate to calculate or judge incorrectly.
miscall to call by a wrong or inappropriate name.
miscarriage a failure to function correctly or achieve the right or desired results. [2 definitions]