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misty made up of mist or looking like mist. [2 definitions]
misunderstand to fail to comprehend correctly; interpret wrongly.
misunderstanding a failure to comprehend correctly. [2 definitions]
misunderstood not understood or interpreted correctly. [2 definitions]
misusage incorrect or improper usage, as of a word. [2 definitions]
misuse a wrong or inappropriate use. [3 definitions]
misvalue to judge the value of incorrectly, esp. to undervalue.
misword to word or express incorrectly.
miswrite to write incorrectly.
mite1 one of several tiny, often parasitic arachnids.
mite2 a tiny amount of something, esp. money. [3 definitions]
miter a tall, arched headdress worn by bishops or high priests. [4 definitions]
miter box a boxlike structure used in carpentry, having slots to position a saw correctly in making angled cuts.
miter saw a kind of saw1 used to make special cuts in wood.
mithridate a substance that reputedly acts as an antidote to poison.
mitigate to lessen the force, severity, or impact of. [3 definitions]
mitochondrion any of the very tiny rodlike, stringlike, or bean-shaped structures that occur in nearly all cells of plants and animals, and that process food for energy.
mitosis duplication and division of the nucleus of a dividing cell. [2 definitions]
mitral of, like, or resembling a miter. [2 definitions]
mitral valve the heart valve located between the left auricle and ventricle that prevents blood from flowing back into the auricle when the heart contracts.
mitt a padded covering for a ballplayer's hand; baseball glove. [3 definitions]