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mixed blended together. [2 definitions]
mixed bag a diverse assortment.
mixed marriage a marriage between people of different races or religions.
mixed media the use of more than one medium, such as slides, music, dance, or drama, in presenting something for instruction, entertainment, or the like; multimedia. [2 definitions]
mixed metaphor a combination of two or more metaphors with an inconsistent or nonsensical result or effect, such as, "He lit a fire that would soon bear fruit".
mixed number a number consisting of an integer and a fraction, such as two and one half.
mixed-up mentally confused or disoriented. [2 definitions]
mixer an electrical device used for blending different foods together. [4 definitions]
mixing bowl a bowl in which ingredients can be combined in food preparation.
mix it up (informal) to fistfight or quarrel.
mixture the product of mixing two or more items or substances together. [3 definitions]
mix-up a confused situation.
mix up to confuse.
Mizar a binary star in the constellation Ursa Major, having a magnitude of 2.2.
mizzen the fore-and-aft sail on the third mast of a fully-rigged ship. [2 definitions]
mizzenmast the third mast from the front on a vessel having at least three masts.
mkt. abbreviation of "market."
ml abbreviation of "milliliter," or "milliliters," a unit of capacity equal to one thousandth of a liter or 0.338 fluid ounce.
Mlle. abbreviation of "Mademoiselle," an unmarried woman, addressed courteously.
mm abbreviation of "millimeter," or "millimeters," a unit of length equal to one thousandth of a meter or 0.03937 inch.
Mme. abbreviation of "Madame," a married woman, addressed formally or courteously.