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moat a deep trench dug for defense around a castle, fort, medieval town, or the like, and usu. filled with water.
mob a large, disorderly, or riotous crowd of people. [9 definitions]
mobcap a large, high, frilly cap worn indoors by women of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
mobile able to move or be moved from one place or position to another. [6 definitions]
mobile device a portable computing device such as a smartphone or tablet.
mobile home a movable house without a permanent foundation but able to be placed and connected to utilities fairly permanently.
mobility the quality of moving or being moved easily from place to place, or of having ease and flexibility of motion. [2 definitions]
mobilization the act of assembling and preparing (troops or the like) for active military duty or service to a country. [3 definitions]
mobilize to assemble and prepare (troops or the like) for active military duty or service to a country. [4 definitions]
Möbius strip a one-sided surface formed by twisting a rectangular strip one hundred and eighty degrees and connecting its two ends together.
mobocracy political rule or domination by a mob.
mobster (informal) one who belongs to a mob or criminal gang; gangster.
Moby Dick the white whale in Herman Melville's mid-nineteenth-century novel of the same name.
moccasin a soft leather shoe or slipper without a hard sole or a heel, made originally by American Indians. [3 definitions]
moccasin flower any of several orchids of North America, esp. the lady's-slipper.
mocha a high-quality Arabian coffee. [4 definitions]
mock to express scorn or contempt for; ridicule; deride. [10 definitions]
mock chicken pork, veal, or other meat that has been minced, molded, breaded, and braised to resemble a cooked chicken leg; city chicken.
mockery contempt, derision, or ridicule, or an instance of this. [4 definitions]
mock-heroic imitating or lampooning that which is heroic. [3 definitions]
mockingbird any of several gray and white North American songbirds known esp. for their varied songs, which include imitations of the songs of other birds.