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mole3 any of various small, insect-eating mammals that have very small eyes, soft light brown to dark gray fur, and strong forefeet, and that usu. tunnel or burrow underground. [2 definitions]
mole4 a massive stone or concrete structure serving as a pier or breakwater. [2 definitions]
mole5 the quantity of a substance that has a weight, measured in grams, that is numerically equal to the molecular weight of that substance.
mole6 a tumor or mass in the uterus, resulting from an ovum that degenerates or does not develop normally.
mole1 any of the thick spicy sauces of Mexican origin having a base of unsweetened chocolate and chile peppers.
molecular concerning, caused by, or consisting of molecules.
molecular biology the branch of biology concerned with the chemical and physical composition, properties, and activities of molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids, in living cells.
molecular weight the sum of all the atomic weights of the atoms in a molecule.
molecule a single atom or several atoms bound together electromagnetically, forming the smallest particle that possesses all the characteristic physical and chemical properties of an element or compound. [2 definitions]
molehill a small heap or ridge of loose soil made by a burrowing mole. [2 definitions]
moleskin the short soft usu. deep gray fur of the mole. [3 definitions]
molest to annoy, disturb, or attack. [2 definitions]
moll (slang) a woman who accompanies a gangster or gunman; gun moll.
mollify to ease or soothe the anger or emotion of; make calmer; appease. [3 definitions]
mollusk any of a large phylum of mostly marine invertebrates, including snails, clams, squid, and octopuses, that have soft unsegmented bodies usu. covered by a shell.
molly any of various brightly colored, freshwater fishes, often kept in aquariums.
mollycoddle to overprotect or pamper; coddle.
Moloch a deity in the Old Testament, esp. the pagan god of the Ammonites and Phoenicians to whom child sacrifices were offered. [2 definitions]
Molotov cocktail a homemade explosive device consisting of a bottle containing a flammable liquid and a rag wick that is ignited, the bottle then being hurled like a grenade.
molt to shed or cast off an outer layer, such as skin, feathers, fur, or horns, as part of a periodic process of renewal. [4 definitions]
molten made liquid, esp. by extreme heat, as metal or rock; melted. [3 definitions]