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monofilament a single thick filament of a synthetic fiber such as nylon.
monogamous having only one spouse.
monogamy the state of being married to only one individual. (Cf. bigamy, polygamy.)
monogenesis the theory that all living organisms are descended from one ancestral pair or from one cell. [2 definitions]
monogenism the belief that all of mankind descended from one pair of ancestors. (Cf. polygenism.)
monogram a single character consisting of two or more stylized initials, used to mark personal items such as linens, stationery, and garments. [2 definitions]
monograph a scholarly publication by a single author on a specific subject.
monohydroxy containing one hydroxyl group in a molecule.
monolingual able to speak, read, or understand only one language. [2 definitions]
monolith a very large block of stone. [3 definitions]
monolithic being a monolith. [2 definitions]
monologue a long speech, poem, series of stories, or the like delivered by a single speaker. [2 definitions]
monomania excessive interest or absorption in a particular idea or subject; obsession; fixation. [2 definitions]
monomer in chemistry, a molecule that can bind with others having similar characteristics to form a polymer.
monometallism the economic theory or practice of using only one metal, usu. gold or silver, as the monetary standard.
monomial having only one algebraic term. [3 definitions]
monomorphic in biology, having only one form or structure. [2 definitions]
mononuclear having a single nucleus.
mononucleosis the presence of abnormal numbers of mononuclear leukocytes in the circulatory blood. [2 definitions]
monophonic of or pertaining to a sound-reproducing system with output on only a single channel; monaural. [2 definitions]
monophyletic a group of organisms that are all descended from a common ancestor.