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monolithic being a monolith. [2 definitions]
monologue a long speech, poem, series of stories, or the like delivered by a single speaker. [2 definitions]
monomania excessive interest or absorption in a particular idea or subject; obsession; fixation. [2 definitions]
monomer in chemistry, a molecule that can bind with others having similar characteristics to form a polymer.
monometallism the economic theory or practice of using only one metal, usu. gold or silver, as the monetary standard.
monomial having only one algebraic term. [3 definitions]
monomorphic in biology, having only one form or structure. [2 definitions]
mononuclear having a single nucleus.
mononucleosis the presence of abnormal numbers of mononuclear leukocytes in the circulatory blood. [2 definitions]
monophonic of or pertaining to a sound-reproducing system with output on only a single channel; monaural. [2 definitions]
monophyletic a group of organisms that are all descended from a common ancestor.
monoplane an airplane having only one pair of wings or a single flat surface for uplift.
monopolist a person who controls a monopoly or who favors monopolies.
monopolization the act of obtaining or maintaining exclusive control over.
monopolize to obtain or maintain exclusive control over; have to oneself alone; dominate. [2 definitions]
monopoly complete control over a service or commodity within a given market, so that competition is eliminated. [5 definitions]
monopsony the market condition that exists when there is only one buyer, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. duopsony, monopoly, oligopsony.)
monorail a railroad whose cars run along a single rail, or the rail itself.
monosaccharide a simple sugar, such as glucose or fructose, that does not hydrolyze.
monosodium glutamate a white crystalline powder that intensifies the flavor of foods, esp. meat, often used in Chinese cuisine.
monostich a poem having one metrical line, such as an epigram. [2 definitions]