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mood2 in grammar, a kind of verb inflection that indicates the way in which the speaker intends an utterance to be understood, whether as a wish or supposition, a demand, or a fact; mode.
mood-altering of or related to the ability to change one's emotional state.
moody having moods that vary often or unpredictably. [3 definitions]
moo goo gai pan a Chinese dish of cut pieces of chicken, mushrooms, various vegetables, and spices.
moola (slang) money.
moon the earth's natural satellite, revolving completely around the earth from east to west in about twenty-eight days and accompanying the earth in its orbit around the sun. [6 definitions]
moonbeam a ray of light reflected from the surface of the moon.
moon-faced having a very round face.
moonfish either of two species of coastal fishes of North and South America that have very compact silvery bodies.
moonflower a kind of morning glory found in tropical America, bearing fragrant large flowers that open at night.
Moonie (informal) a follower of the Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church in the United States.
moonish not steady or reliable; capricious; fickle.
moonless combined form of moon.
moonlight the light of the moon. [4 definitions]
moonlighting working at a second job, often at night, in addition to one's regular, full-time job.
moonlit illuminated by the light of the moon.
moonquake a seismic tremor on the surface of the moon.
moonrise the appearance of the moon above the earth's horizon, or the time at which this occurs.
moonscape the surface of the moon or any representation of it. [2 definitions]
moonset the dropping of the moon below the earth's horizon, or the time at which this occurs.
moonshine (informal) alcoholic beverages that are illicitly produced, esp. corn whiskey. [3 definitions]