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moral philosophy see ethics.
morass an area of soft wet ground such as a swamp or bog. [2 definitions]
moratorium a legal right or authorization to delay the performance of some obligation, or the period of such a delay. [2 definitions]
moray any of a variety of usu. large tropical eels lacking pectoral fins and having rounded, porelike gill openings.
morbid in an unhealthy, gloomy mental state; preoccupied with sickness, abnormality, or death. [3 definitions]
morbidity a morbid condition or quality. [2 definitions]
mordacious biting or tending to bite. [2 definitions]
mordant caustic or corrosive. [5 definitions]
mordent in music, an embellishment of a note in which the principal tone is rapidly alternated with a whole or half tone below it. [2 definitions]
more comparative of "many" and "much." [9 definitions]
more and more to a continually increasing extent or degree.
morel any of a variety of mostly edible mushrooms characterized by a rounded, spongy or deeply ribbed head and a hollow stem.
more or less in some ways; to an extent. [2 definitions]
moreover beyond what has already been mentioned; in addition; furthermore.
mores the behaviors and manners accepted and expected in a social group, embodying its fundamental moral standards.
more than meets the eye an unexpected depth, complexity, or other such quality.
morganatic of or designating a form of marriage between a titled aristocrat and a commoner, with the provision that the title and property involved may pass neither to the untitled partner nor to any children of the marriage.
morganite a kind of rose-colored, transparent beryl considered as a semiprecious stone.
morgue a place in which dead bodies are stored pending identification, autopsy, or burial. [2 definitions]
moribund near death or extinction; dying. [2 definitions]
morion1 an open, crested metal helmet of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, usu. having a flat or downturned brim.