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more or less in some ways; to an extent. [2 definitions]
moreover beyond what has already been mentioned; in addition; furthermore.
mores the behaviors and manners accepted and expected in a social group, embodying its fundamental moral standards.
more than meets the eye an unexpected depth, complexity, or other such quality.
morganatic of or designating a form of marriage between a titled aristocrat and a commoner, with the provision that the title and property involved may pass neither to the untitled partner nor to any children of the marriage.
morganite a kind of rose-colored, transparent beryl considered as a semiprecious stone.
morgue a place in which dead bodies are stored pending identification, autopsy, or burial. [2 definitions]
moribund near death or extinction; dying. [2 definitions]
morion1 an open, crested metal helmet of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, usu. having a flat or downturned brim.
morion2 a dark brown to blackish variety of quartz.
Morisco of or pertaining to the Moors; Moorish. [2 definitions]
Mormon a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [3 definitions]
morn morning or dawn.
Mornay sauce a seasoned white sauce containing grated cheese such as Parmesan or Swiss.
morning the earliest part of the day, beginning about sunrise and ending about noon. [4 definitions]
morning dress formal daytime clothes for men, including a cutaway coat.
morning glory any of a variety of usu. twining vines bearing brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers that open in the morning and close by evening.
mornings regularly in or during the morning.
morning sickness nausea and sometimes vomiting in the early part of the day during the first several months of pregnancy.
morning star any bright planet, esp. Venus, visible in the eastern sky just before or at dawn.
Moro a member of any of several Muslim Malay tribes of the south Philippines. [2 definitions]