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morning sickness nausea and sometimes vomiting in the early part of the day during the first several months of pregnancy.
morning star any bright planet, esp. Venus, visible in the eastern sky just before or at dawn.
Moro a member of any of several Muslim Malay tribes of the south Philippines. [2 definitions]
Morocco a North African country on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. [2 definitions]
moron a very foolish or stupid person. [2 definitions]
Moroni the capital of the Comoros.
morose gloomy or sullen.
-morph one that has (such) a form, shape, or structure.
morph to change from one form or state to another; transform.
morpheme in linguistics, a word or word element that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful grammatical units. (See allomorph.)
Morpheus in Greek mythology, the god personifying dreams, and the son of Hypnos or Sleep.
-morphic having (such) a form or shape.
morphine a drug derived from opium and used as a sedative or anesthetic.
morpho- form; structure.
morphogenesis the evolutionary or embryological development of the physical form of an organism or body part.
morphology in biology, the study of the physical form and development of body parts. [4 definitions]
-morphous having (such) a form or shape; -morphic.
Morris chair a large chair with removable cushions and an adjustable back.
morro a rounded hill, hillock, or point of land.
morrow the day after some particular date or event; next day.
Morse code a code in which letters of the alphabet or numbers are represented by dots and dashes or by short and long flashes of light or sound.