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Moses according to the Old Testament, the Hebrew patriarch who received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai, and who led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt.
mosey (informal) to walk slowly or aimlessly; stroll. [2 definitions]
Moslem variant of Muslim.
mosque a Muslim place of worship.
mosquito any of numerous winged insects, the females of which usu. suck the blood of animals and humans by using a slender, hollow proboscis.
mosquitofish any of various small freshwater fishes used to control mosquito larvae.
mosquito net a net with a very fine mesh, usu. suspended over sleeping areas to keep out mosquitoes.
moss any of numerous small, leafy-stemmed, flowerless green plants that grow in mats on rocks, trees, and moist ground. [3 definitions]
moss agate a type of agate or chalcedony with black, brown, or green mosslike markings caused by impurities.
mossback an old aquatic creature, such as a turtle, with a mosslike growth of algae on the back. [2 definitions]
moss-grown covered with moss. [2 definitions]
mosso in a rapid and animated manner; fast (used as a musical direction).
moss pink a low-growing type of phlox that forms dense ground cover, bearing pink or white flowers.
moss rose see portulaca.
mossy having abundant moss. [2 definitions]
-most most. [2 definitions]
most superlative of "many" and "much." [8 definitions]
mostly in most instances; for the most part. [2 definitions]
mot a clever or witty remark.
mote a fine particle of dust; speck.
motel a hotel that usu. has extensive parking convenient to the bedrooms so as to accommodate those who travel by car.