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mosquito net a net with a very fine mesh, usu. suspended over sleeping areas to keep out mosquitoes.
moss any of numerous small, leafy-stemmed, flowerless green plants that grow in mats on rocks, trees, and moist ground. [3 definitions]
moss agate a type of agate or chalcedony with black, brown, or green mosslike markings caused by impurities.
mossback an old aquatic creature, such as a turtle, with a mosslike growth of algae on the back. [2 definitions]
moss-grown covered with moss. [2 definitions]
mosso in a rapid and animated manner; fast (used as a musical direction).
moss pink a low-growing type of phlox that forms dense ground cover, bearing pink or white flowers.
moss rose see portulaca.
mossy having abundant moss. [2 definitions]
-most most. [2 definitions]
most superlative of "many" and "much." [8 definitions]
mostly in most instances; for the most part. [2 definitions]
mot a clever or witty remark.
mote a fine particle of dust; speck.
motel a hotel that usu. has extensive parking convenient to the bedrooms so as to accommodate those who travel by car.
motet a piece of multivoice religious music with entwined melodies, usu. sung without accompaniment.
moth any of numerous broad-winged insects that have fine or featherlike antennae, usu. fly at night, and are usu. thicker of body and less colorful than butterflies. [2 definitions]
mothball a small hard ball of an insect-repellent chemical such as camphor or naphthalene, used to keep moths out of clothes. [2 definitions]
moth-eaten eaten full of holes by or as if by moth larvae. [3 definitions]
mother1 a female parent. [9 definitions]
mother2 a stringy, slimy substance that grows on the surface of fermenting liquids and is used to change wine or cider into vinegar; mother of vinegar.