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motel a hotel that usu. has extensive parking convenient to the bedrooms so as to accommodate those who travel by car.
motet a piece of multivoice religious music with entwined melodies, usu. sung without accompaniment.
moth any of numerous broad-winged insects that have fine or featherlike antennae, usu. fly at night, and are usu. thicker of body and less colorful than butterflies. [2 definitions]
mothball a small hard ball of an insect-repellent chemical such as camphor or naphthalene, used to keep moths out of clothes. [2 definitions]
moth-eaten eaten full of holes by or as if by moth larvae. [3 definitions]
mother1 a female parent. [9 definitions]
mother2 a stringy, slimy substance that grows on the surface of fermenting liquids and is used to change wine or cider into vinegar; mother of vinegar.
motherboard the main printed circuit board of a personal computer, which holds chips containing the central processing unit, memory, ports, and the integrated circuits that control the keyboard and other standard peripheral devices, and to which additional circuit boards can be attached.
Mother Carey's chicken any of various small marine birds, esp. the storm petrel.
mother country one's native land.
motherfucker (vulgar slang) a person or thing considered to be unpleasant, despicable, frustrating, or the like.
Mother Goose the imaginary author of a collection of eighteenth-century English nursery rhymes.
motherhood the state of being a female parent. [2 definitions]
Mother Hubbard a character in an eighteenth-century English nursery rhyme. [2 definitions]
Mothering Sunday (chiefly British) a holiday honoring mothers; Mother's Day.
mother-in-law the mother of a person's husband or wife.
motherland one's native or ancestral country.
mother lode the largest or richest vein of ore in a particular region.
motherly of, characteristic of, befitting, or like a mother. [2 definitions]
Mother Nature a personification of the force or principle that seems to regulate the physical universe.
mother-of-pearl the glossy hard iridescent substance that forms the inner surface of some shells and is commonly used in jewelry and inlaid decoration.