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mother-of-pearl the glossy hard iridescent substance that forms the inner surface of some shells and is commonly used in jewelry and inlaid decoration.
mother of vinegar see mother2.
Mother's Day a holiday to honor mothers, observed in the US, Canada, and the UK on the second Sunday in May.
mother superior (often caps.) the head of a Christian religious order for women.
mother tongue one's first or native language. [2 definitions]
mother wit inborn or natural intelligence or common sense.
motherwort any of a variety of weedy plants of the mint family that bear clusters of small pink or purple flowers.
mothproof not susceptible to damage caused by moth larvae. [2 definitions]
mothy infested by moths.
motif a distinct formal unit such as a design, theme, or musical phrase that may repeat in, dominate, characterize, or be a prominent feature of an aesthetic or decorative work. [2 definitions]
motile capable of independent motion. [2 definitions]
motion the process, manner, or continuous action of moving; movement. [8 definitions]
motionless without motion; unmoving.
motion picture a series of photographic images projected in rapid succession on a screen, creating the illusion of natural and continuous motion. [2 definitions]
motion-sensing able to detect motion electronically.
motion sickness nausea and dizziness induced by the motion of an airplane, car, ship, or the like.
motivate to cause to move or act by giving incentive or inspiration.
motivation the act or process of motivating. [3 definitions]
motivational research in advertising and marketing, the systematic assessment of consumer attitudes toward products and services.
motivator a person or thing that causes one to move or act by giving incentive or inspiration.
-motive moving, or relating to motion.