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motocross a cross-country race for lightweight motorcycles over rough terrain.
motor a device that causes or increases motion or power, esp. an engine or machine. [5 definitions]
motorbike a small motorcycle with a light frame. [2 definitions]
motorboat a boat driven by a motor mounted inside or outside the hull. [2 definitions]
motorcade a procession of motor vehicles for ceremonial or security purposes.
motorcar an automobile; car.
motorcycle a two-wheeled motor vehicle having a heavy frame and an uncovered engine. [2 definitions]
motor home a large van with living quarters.
motor hotel see motel.
motorist a person who drives or rides in an automobile.
motorize to install a motor or motors in. [2 definitions]
motorless combined form of motor.
motorman the operator of an electrified vehicle such as a subway train, trolley, streetcar, or the like. [2 definitions]
motor pool a group of vehicles maintained for use by the members of a particular business or agency, or a unit of the military.
motor scooter a light, two-wheeled, gas-powered vehicle with two small wheels and a seat over the engine for the driver.
motor vehicle a bus, truck, automobile, or the like.
motorway (chiefly British) a major public road on which one can drive at high speeds, esp. between cities; highway.
motte in the western United States, a small grove of trees on a prairie.
mottle to create a pattern of variegated color and tone on (a surface). [3 definitions]
mottled blotched or spotted with varying colors or shades.
motto a short phrase used to recall or exemplify a philosophy, code of behavior, or the like. [2 definitions]